Recommended WordPress Plugins

For Website Owners

  1. Yoast SEOSearch Engine Optimization
  2. BackupWordpressAutomated file and database Backups
  3. WordfenceSecurity
  4. Gravity FormsContact Forms
  5. W3 Total Cache Improve the speed of your website using caching

For Web Designers

  1. MainWPManage Updates for many WordPress websites
  2. Advanced Custom FieldsGreat for developing custom functionality
  3. WP Migrate DBWP Migrate DB Profor migrating WordPress websites from development to staging and production
  4. WP All Import & WP All Import Pro – import CVS and XML files into WordPress

Free alternative to the brilliant “Snag It” for short videos.

You may need to record videos of your screen to show clients how to do stuff or show support staff what is not working properly.

One of the best solutions I’ve found to do this is the software Snag It. The only problem is this piece of handy software costs around AU$65. Tech Smith, the company behind the software, produce a great array of software, so you might be heading in the right direction if you purchase one of their products.

However, because I prefer minimizing my costs, I discovered Tiny Take. The free version records up to 5 minutes of video, which suits me fine, as I am not producing anything longer than that.  Tiny Take do offer paid versions of the software, up to $199.95 for 120 minute length videos.

When my need for longer length videos appears, I will head back to Snag It, which does not require a recurring subscription and provides free updates to each update to the major version you purchase.

Keeping an external hard disk drive active

If you’re on a Windows PC, you might need to use an external hard disk drive to extend your available disk space, perhaps for photos, movies, images, graphics – your work.

You might find that the external HDD works fine when you start Windows, but after an hour or so, you no longer see the drive listed in Windows Explorer/File Explorer.

The solution I have found which works well for me is Keep Alive HD.

  • It uses 10MB of RAM, which is 1% of 1GB RAM.
  • It save a small text file on the drive every X minutes/seconds/hours.
  • The action of writing the small text file every X minutes/seconds/hours keeps the drive from going to sleep, and dropping out of Windows Explorer/File Explorer.
  • It is very configurable, and can work on any/multiple drives. You can ask it to load automatically when starting Windows.

Give it a try. If it works for you, let me know by leaving a comment.