React Native CLI error: Failed to install the app. Please accept all necessary Android SDK licenses using Android SDK Manager: “$ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin/sdkmanager –licenses”. Run CLI with –verbose flag for more details.

You need to accept the licenses through the terminal/prompt

e.g on linux:

cd ~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/bin/

Run the sdkmanager as follows:

./sdkmanager --licenses

e.g on Windows:

cd /d "%ANDROID_SDK_ROOT%/tools/bin"

Run the sdkmanager as follows:

sdkmanager --licenses

And accept the licenses you did not accept yet (but need to).

How can I update NPM to the next version?

How do I update npm?

npm install -g npm

Please note that this command will remove your current version of npm. Make sure to use sudo npm install -g npm if on a Mac.

You can also update all outdated local packages by doing npm update without any arguments, or global packages by doing npm update -g.

Occasionally, the version of npm will progress such that the current version cannot be properly installed with the version that you have installed already. (Consider, if there is ever a bug in the update command.) In those cases, you can do this:

curl | sh

WampServer Error: ( ! ) Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

You’re using WampServer and you may of recently moved your local host website files into OneDrive.

You now receive the error:

( ! ) Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

( ! ) Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required ‘D:/OneDrive/WAMP/WWW/site/index.php’ (include_path=’.;C:\php\pear’) in Unknown on line 0

The problem is probably caused by your local WampServer’s PHP being unable to work with OneDrive.

The solution is to upgrade the version of PHP for your WampServer.

To do this, visit and download a more recent version of PHP, from from 7.2.25 onwards. Once the .exe downloads, open it, and follow the prompts.

You may be prompted that your version of WampServer is not compatible with the PHP upgrage package.

The solution to this is to download a newer version of WampServer through an upgrade package. Download Wampserver update 3.2.0, run the file, then run the PHP updater.

If, when you go to start WampServer again, you receive an error about a missing images_on.bmp file, simply duplicate c:\wamp\images_off.bmp into c:\wamp\images_on.bmp, and try again.

How to make a Divi full width slider full height also

If you’re using Elegant Theme’s Divi, and you have a full width slider at the top of your page you wish to extend down to the bottom of the view port, at first add a css class name to< that particular slider module, say: my_slider.

After that add the following css code into custom css of your theme’s Divi theme options

.my_slider.et_pb_slider .et_pb_slide {
height: calc(100vh - 80px) ;

The above CSS takes into account a header height (which contains the logo and navigation) of 80px.

How to find the original source of an image you find on the Internet

Scenario: you see a digital image on Facebook, it might be a great photo, or a digital print of a great piece of artwork you love. You want to find out more about this image.

Solution: use Google reverse image lookup.

  1. If you’re in Facebook, click the image to open it in full view.
  2. Once you see the image in full view, right-click on it, and choose open Open image in new tab. This opens the image from its source. It might look something like:, which is:
    horse art
  3. Copy the URL. You will need to click in your browser’s address bar, highlight the, right-click on this, and choose copy
    copy url
  4. Go to, or search for Google Images.
  5. Once you’re at Google Images, click on the search by image button:
    search by image
  6. Paste the image URL into the Paste Image URL box, by right-clicking inside this field and choosing Paste, then click Search by Image
  7. You will then see a list of URLs where this image has been used.
  8. With luck, you will find a result that gives credit to the original author of the image.
  9. If you click on Visually similar images, you will see search results where you can choose Search Tools, then select Large images:
    large image size